Microsoft releases LOADS of high quality Xbox One wallpapers based on old and new games

Earlier today, Microsoft launched a webpage on the official Xbox website that’s dedicated to hosting an absolutely huge number of wallpapers designed to be used on Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One owners have been able to customize the wallpaper on their consoles for a while now (simply transfer any image to an Xbox One via a USB drive) but Microsoft hasn’t really provided too many official images for gamers to use. At least not on this scale.

The wallpapers showcase high quality images from a wide range of titles from the Xbox One’s early days through to even some that haven’t released yet such as the upcoming Battletoads video game. There’s even a couple boasting high quality images of the recently revealed Xbox Series X console, that’s due out later this year, and the Day One Xbox One console with its Kinect.

Are you going to use any of these images on your Xbox One console? Let us know which one in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for more Xbox gaming content.

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