Microsoft releases its first "Meet Windows 10 Mobile" video

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A new 'Meet Windows 10 Mobile' video series arrived today. The first of the video of the series offers you a "quick tour of the highlights," with options to change your start screen, set the image transparency level, and preview that transparency level on your image right within settings. The video overviews some Microsoft Edge options like "Add to reading list," to save websites to view later and turn on reading view to view them to "avoid distractions."
The video also touches on Windows 10 Mobile's email app, now powered by Outlook, and include color, tables, lists, and pictures to your emails. Windows 10 Mobile messaging gets a quick look with Skype integration and answering text messages from any screen. There's the added convenience of making a Skype video call right from within the Windows 10 Mobile Messaging app.
Finally, Cortana makes an appearance with her already well-known capabilities, including the ability to ask her how to say things in different languages. In this video, she tells you how to say congratulations in French. You can view the video here.
Thanks Nicholas for the tip!

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