Microsoft releases critical update for Remote Desktop flaw, exploit coming soon

Microsoft has released a critical update that addresses a Remote Desktop flaw that affects all versions of Windows. On top of that, the company anticipates an exploit to be developed by hackers within the next 30 days due to the attractiveness of the threat. So you better patch now before it’s too late!

“We urge you to promptly apply this security update. We also encourage you to consider how you might harden your environment against unauthenticated, attacker-initiated RDP connections,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft is strongly encouraging everyone to make “special priority of applying this particular update” due to its threat. Even though the remote desktop protocol is disabled by default, Microsoft expects hackers to create an exploit for code execution within the next month.

“The good news is that the Remote Desktop Protocol is disabled by default, so a majority of workstations are unaffected by this issue. However, we highly encourage you to apply the update right away on any systems where you have enabled Remote Desktop,” Microsoft adds.

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