Microsoft releases Bing Desktop 1.2, offers Facebook content integration

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Bing Desktop

Microsoft has released a new version of Bing Desktop, which is an application that automatically updates the Windows desktop background with the current homepage image on a daily basis. Bing Desktop also offers a search box so you can quickly search Bing. Now, with Bing Desktop 1.2, you can see your Facebook content on the application.

"Bing Desktop delivers the beauty of the Bing homepage to your Windows desktop each day. Plus, get easy access to Bing search results via the desktop search bar or from the Windows taskbar without having to first open a browser. You can even access Facebook and trending news content right from the Bing Desktop," Microsoft stated. Users can now log into Facebook and see their Facebook content on the Bing Desktop application. With this new update, users can now minimize Bing Desktop as a toolbar, as a taskbar, or to the system tray. Hit the source link below to download this application!

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