Microsoft releases another Cortana vs. Siri TV commercial in time for the holiday season

Microsoft releases another cortana vs. Siri tv commercial in time for the holiday season

Another Microsoft vs. Apple commercial has been released, once again pitting Cortana against Siri. Just in time for the holiday season, the ad throws in a good holiday zinger towards the end.

“Maybe what you need isn’t a bigger phone, but a more personal, personal assistant. Cortana, on the Lumia 830, does more than Siri. Like alert you to leave early for an appointment using traffic alerts. Cortana can even remind you of things based on who calls or texts” reads the description.

Titled “Siri vs. Cortana: Bigger”, the app references the size increases of the latest Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and suggests that while the phones have gotten bigger, Siri’s list of capabilities haven’t. Cortana is represented on the Lumia 830, Microsoft’s so called “affordable flagship”.

In the 30 second commercial, Cortana is shown displaying people-based reminders when a contact calls, and traffic alerts to leave for your destination earlier depending on traffic conditions, both features that Siri doesn’t have.

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