Microsoft releases a new free app to help improve Windows 10 Cortana and Explorer searches

Brad Stephenson

Indexer Diagnostics Windows 10 app

Microsoft has released a new free app for Windows 10 devices which is designed to help improve the local search experience by making sure that all content and data has been indexed.

The app, which is officially a beta release, is called Indexer Diagnostics and can scan your Windows 10 PC, tablet, or Surface Hub to display how many items are searchable and how many that have recently been added to your device but have yet to be indexed.

The indexed items covered are those for Explorer and Cortana searches, Outlook contact, calendar, and email searches, and Microsoft Edge history searches.

Here’s the incredibly short app description:

Beta release of the Indexer Diagnostics tool, which helps you identify problems and issues with the Windows Search Indexer.

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Indexer Diagnostics
Indexer Diagnostics