Microsoft to release Windows 8.1 immediately after RTM?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Jul 10th, 2013 inNews

Windows 8.1 Preview

With the RTM of previous versions of Windows, Microsoft prefer to wait at least a few weeks before giving the RTM bits to developers and testers. It’s generally an even longer wait for consumers too, but it appears Microsoft are planning to do things differently with Windows 8.1.

Mary Jo Foley, a Microsoft watcher who is familiar with the company’s plans recently claimed that Microsoft is planning to release the Windows 8.1 update almost immediately after Windows 8.1 hits RTM in August this year. We assume the update will be pushed through the Windows Store and through Microsoft TechNet and MSDN.

“I have heard that the general availability of the Windows 8.1 bits won’t be held back this time around. I think users will be able to get the 8.1 bits simultaneously or very shortly after RTM” claims Mary Jo Foley.

This means it’s possible that OEM’s and consumers will both get their hands on Windows 8.1 at almost the same time. The reason for this is that Windows 8.1 is an update, and that hardware with Windows 8.1 included won’t start seeing the shelves until late-September at the very earliest.

The fact that Windows 8.1 is an update and not an entirely new OS means that Microsoft can push it almost immediately after it’s finished, or when Microsoft feel like it. Since there’s no need to wait, why would they postpone the update?

Microsoft just recently released the Windows 8.1 Preview allowing consumers and developers to test out the upcoming update for Windows 8. We assume Microsoft are working very hard iron out bugs found in the Preview in time for RTM later this year. Will you be upgrading to Windows 8.1, if so, from which OS?

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