Microsoft to release Windows 8 Beta on September 30th?

New rumours are suggesting that Microsoft are almost ready to release a public build of Windows 8. The Beta is rumoured to be released within 2 weeks, on the 30th September 2011.

Now, with every rumour you read, take it with a grain of salt, especially this one.

Win8China is reporting to have new information on a public Windows 8 beta which is set for a September 30th release date. They also said that Microsoft are testing internal versions of the OS, and will release a build which is at 8130 or higher.

This rumour has come a bit too soon, with the Developer Preview not even a week old, what could Microsoft be planning?

What are your thought’s on this rumour? Do you think Microsoft will be releasing a Beta this early? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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