Microsoft releases new SmartGlass experiences for sports apps on Xbox

Interested in the sporting side of life? Well luckily for you, Microsoft have today released all new Xbox SmartGlass experiences for NBA Game Time, ESPN and Sports Picks App!

Sports Pick App allows players to compete with friends against leaderboards across Xbox LIVE. With the new update, you can now do all this with your phone or tablet with Xbox SmartGlass. So now you can compete with friends on the go!

NBA Game Time also received an update, which now includes support for SmartGlass. You now have complete control of all the action on your Xbox 360, you can browse games and watch highlights. You can select videos and send them to the big screen for viewing!

ESPN was the last app to get SmartGlass updates, you can now browse thousands of EPSN channels from your phone or tablet, watch highlights and again send them to the big screen!

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