Microsoft refunding users of Xbox LIVE phishing scam in UK

Microsoft is refunding users affected by a phishing scam which happened on in the UK on Xbox LIVE. Microsoft is working with the users effected from the scams, and plans to refund those who had money used on their accounts.

The scam was first noticed when a UK newspaper titled The Sun had an article about the Xbox LIVE service being hacked. Microsoft quickly responded to the issue, stating that the service had not been hacked, but users had become victims of a phishing scam.

The Guardian reports that Microsoft is working closely with the victims of the phishing scam to refund the users who were effected. Microsoft said: “We are contacted by members regarding alleged unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals. We can confirm that only a small percentage of Xbox Live customers have been affected here in the UK.”

The report also claims that the source of the scams come from China or Russia, rather than hacking groups. Less then a million Xbox LIVE users have been affected by these latest phishing scams.

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