Microsoft reduces publishing times on the Microsoft Store

In a move that may please some developers who regularly update their app details in the Microsoft Store, the company has announced that minor updates to app information, such as the description of an app, will now usually be published in under an hour. This reduces the maximum wait time from 3 days, for minor updates. The types of updates covered by the shorter publishing time include:

  • Description
  • Screenshots
  • Video trailer
  • Price
  • Limited time offers

This change, however, does not reduce the publishing time for app package updates. Updates to an app itself will still carry a maximum publishing time of 3 business days, but they usually get published quicker. On this subject, Microsoft says:

It’s important to note that updated app packages that you submit to Microsoft Store aren’t affected by these improved processing times, so it could still take up to three business days before submissions with updated packages are published in Microsoft Store. (If no packages are updated, the changes should be published within the hour after the certification process is complete.) If you ever experience a delay of longer than three business days for a submission to be published, we encourage you to contact support so that we can investigate.

Do you publish any apps to the Microsoft Store? Let us know in the comments what you think to this subtle change.

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