Microsoft recalls AC power cord for Surface Pro to Surface Pro 3 devices

If you have an original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, or Surface Pro 3 device, then we have an important safety message for you. Microsoft has recalled the AC power cords on these devices, and you might be eligible for a free replacement.

Note that the recall only impacts the removable power cord that connects the power supply to an electrical outlet. The actual power supply is not included in the recall and replacement offer. If you're impacted, you can order a free replacement online, just go to this website and log in, and follow the instructions. You also can call Microsoft on the phone.

See below for what the recalled cord looks like, and if you have a new style cord that doesn't need replacing. The newer cords contain strain-relief improvements in the AC cord’s attachment to the plug ends that should further reduce the likelihood of damage when the cords are repeatedly wrapped too tightly.

Microsoft recalls AC power cord for Surface Pro to Surface Pro 3 devices - - June 22, 2022

Microsoft has a program for business users who might be impacted by this, and those who might be placing bulk orders. There are no charges in this case, either. Do note, though, that no proof of damage will be required, and that there's only one AC power cord for each Surface Pro device.  If you have more than one device, you need to place an individual order for each one. You won't need to send the old cord in to Microsoft, either.

For Surface Pro 3 devices specifically, only customers with Surface Pro 3 devices purchased before March 15, 2015 qualify. Newer Surface Pro 3 devices already have the new-style AC power cord. If you have any of these impacted devices, Microsoft suggests you to stop using your AC cord while the free replacement is on the way.

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