Microsoft reportedly rebranding Bing apps into MSN next week

Microsoft to rebrand Bing apps into MSN next week: Report

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it will be rebranding all its Bing apps and services into MSN. And now it seems the transition will take place as early as next week, reports TechCrunch.

For those who don’t remember much, MSN is a go-to portal for all things news. Microsoft has already revamped the website with responsive design, and promised that it will release Android and iOS apps by the end of this year. A beta version of the app is already available for Windows Phone, and we understand the company will also release a final version of it with the launch of rebranded Bing apps.

But why MSN? One reason: brand value. While many of you may have forgotten this old portal, stats suggest that it still receives about 400 million monthly visitors. The change was imminent, as we had already seen Bing Finance app notifying users that it will soon be rebranded to “Money”.

Image Credit: Nokia Revolution

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