Microsoft Reader E-Book App Discontinued

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Aug 16th, 2011 inNews

Looks like Microsoft will be discontinuing support for its e-book reader app as the company quietly announced that it would not be providing new content for the app and will be ending support next year.

For those that don’t know, Microsoft Reader, launched in 200, is a free downloadable software application that displays text in the .lit format and allows you to read those eBooks on Windows-based devices.

“Microsoft is discontinuing Microsoft Reader effective August 30, 2012, which includes download access of the Microsoft Reader application from the Microsoft Reader website. However, customers may continue to use and access the Microsoft Reader application and any .lit materials on their PCs or devices after the discontinuation on August 30, 2012. New content for purchase from retailers in the .lit format will be discontinued on November 8, 2011,” Microsoft stated on the Reader website.

Microsoft did not specify why it was discontinuing support for the app but with increased competition from rivals like Amazon, one can only think that ending support for the app was due to a lack of popularity.

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