Microsoft is reaching out to Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL owners for feedback

Kellogg Brengel

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If you own a new Windows 10 device and have ever given any feedback to Microsoft, you might be receiving another email shortly to join the Microsoft Devices Consumer Panel. An owner of a Lumia 950 XL Dual Sim received an invitation to join the consumer panel this morning which led to a brief survey.

The online survey seemed to be for marketing research to get a sense of how you use your device and what customer segment you fall into. A little over a dozen questions were asked and the questions ranged from asking users about how they use their device to be productive, play games, and share on social media. They also were designed to get a sense of how important new technology is to the user and how much technology they use in the different aspects of their lives. Finally, there were questions to find out what customer segment you fall into, such as regarding occupation, age, gender and if you are a parent.

Invitation to Microsoft Devices Consumer Panel
Invitation to Microsoft Devices Consumer Panel

The typical marketing questions seemed to be a way for those running the Microsoft Devices Consumer Panel to get to know the user before they follow up with more specific questions. Once the survey was complete, the person filling it out received another email from the Microsoft Devices Consumer Panel thanking them for their participation and saying they will be in touch with something they’d like to ask them about.

It is encouraging that Microsoft is engaging in some thoughtful research regarding their phones. With the sales of the new Windows 10 Mobile phones resulting in one of the worst months of holiday sales for new phones, and the general bleak status of Windows phone’s market share, it is going to take some strong engagement with customers to make a compelling new device that changes the story. Time will tell with rumors buzzing about the Lumia 650 being the last Lumia, and the long-anticipated Surface Phone becoming more and more of a possibility.