Microsoft raises price of Minecraft in some regions to “align with US dollar”

Kip Kniskern

In what it terms “boring economics,” a new post on the Mojang blog has just announced some pricing changes for Minecraft consumers around the world, and it’s not good news if you’re looking to buy a copy of the block building blockbuster anywhere outside of the US, as prices in most regions are going up.

The prices are for Minecraft for PC, and not for console or Pocket Editions, but as the price hikes take place on May 23rd, you may want to snap up a copy or two now, if you’re in one of the affected regions.

Here’s the list of regions, with the old and new prices:

Minecraft price increases around the world
Minecraft price increases around the world

You might notice that the last two entries, Japan and Korea, don’t have old prices associated with them, that’s because Minecraft hasn’t been for sale in these regions until now, so if you’re in Japan and Korea, welcome to the world of Minecraft!