Microsoft quietly launches Insider-like Visual Studio Preview Program

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Earlier this week, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2017 on Windows, the latest version of its popular integrated development environment (IDE). But if you’re developer looking to get early access to upcoming Visual Studio features, Microsoft has quietly released Visual Studio 2017 Preview, a separate version of the IDE that can be installed next to the stable version (via

With no official announcement from Microsoft, the Preview version was discovered earlier today by Twitter user WalkingCat:

According to the dedicated website, Visual Studio 2017 Preview features “the latest pre-release Visual Studio innovations, bug fixes, and platform support.” The pre-release version brings support for the Python workload, with “improved IntelliSense, web development projects, git and VSTS integration.” However, please note that the pre-release is not supported in production environnments, which means that you can’t use it to build shipping apps.

Visual Studio 2017 Preview Python support
Visual Studio 2017 Preview supports the Python development workload.

You can get Visual Studio 2017 Preview on the dedicated website, and Microsoft recommends developer to choose the same edition of the IDE that they currently have a license for. Once you’re up and running, feel free to share your feedback on the new features by using the links in the Help menu.

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