Microsoft quietly adds a new Surface Pro model, available now

Arif Bacchus

Surface Pro with accessories

If you’re on the hunt for buying a new Surface Pro, you’ve now got one more option to choose from. Indeed, Microsoft has quietly added a new Surface Pro model to their online store, with an Intel Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, and a 128GB SSD for the price of $999 (via Neowin.)

This pricing is rather interesting since it is the same $999 as the Core i5 Surface Pro with the same size SSD and just 4GB of RAM. Unfortunately, that original model has been sold out for a while and has not been in stock online, possibly due to a sale price of $799.

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Anyway, this new model is definitely a better option, since it comes double the RAM, which is always good in modern computing. Feel free to check it out now, or consider the many other Surface models currently on sale, and maybe the Surface Pro LTE, which went on sale just yesterday.