Microsoft pushing Child of Light ahead of Xbox launch

Microsoft pushing Child of Light ahead of Xbox launch

The upcoming Child of Light game from Ubisoft is nearing its official launch. In the run-up to this release, Microsoft is offering some information about what to expect and some tips for gamers about what the story is all about.

“Inspired by eastern European fairy tales and Japanese role-playing games, the game is actually an RPG in platformer shoes, with deep characters and an evolving narrative arc woven into its otherwise familiar framework”, the company states.

The game is based on a character named Aurora, a girl living in 1895 Austria. However she wakes up and find she has been transported to a mythical world known as Lemuria, which is ruled by the Black Queen. The antagonist has stolen the sun, moon and stars.

Child of Light will launch on April 30 for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game will be a download and will cost you $14.99.

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