Xbox One SmartGlass app for Windows and Windows Phone updated, likely to fix the date bug

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Microsoft pushes an update to Xbox SmartGlass app for Windows and Windows Phone, likely to fix the date bug

Microsoft has pushed out an update to Xbox One SmartGlass apps for both Windows and Windows Phone. While the company hasn’t specified what this update intends to do, it likely patches the bug the said app ran into three days ago.

On Thursday, January 1st, several users started to report that the Xbox SmartGlass app on their Windows Phone and Windows 8.1-powered tablet were crashing abruptly. Later it was discovered that the issue in question was a date bug in the app, causing it to show incorrect timestamps due to the new year. 

For those who haven’t yet tried Xbox SmartGlass, it is an app that you download and install onto a compatible mobile device (Windows Phone, Android, and iOS handsets). It lets you use your mobile device to interact with a game. Not only can it come handy in turning your mobile device into a joypad, it also lets you browse your Xbox, and check what’s on the TV, among other features. 

We strongly advise you to snag the update if you were having issues. Let us know in the comments below if you notice any improvements.

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