Microsoft pushes Bing Chat’s daily turn limit to 120

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Last month on February 7, Microsoft debuted the new Bing which featured Bing Chat, an AI chatbot. Millions of people quickly signed up and joined the waitlist with aim of giving the “AI copilot for the web” a try in preview.

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that it’s approving more waitlist requests and allowing even more people to access the neat tool. That being said, the entry has faced its fair share of criticism as well as setbacks since its inception. Journalists and researchers have aired out their reservations and indicated that there were some instances when the AI chatbot “hallucinated” and even gave out incorrect answers to queries.

Be it as it may, Microsoft has been busy at work and has made updates and included new features to mitigate the issues highlighted above and provide a smooth user experience overall. In one of the updates made, Microsoft placed a cap on daily chat turns because of the instances reported indicating that the chatbot was giving odd responses, especially during long sessions.

The cap was first placed at 50, it was then bumped up to 60 and later transitioned to 100 daily chat turns. And now, Microsoft has pushed Bing Chat’s daily chat turns to 120. Head of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, Mikhail Parakhin took to Twitter to make the announcement.

After making the announcement, a couple of users made some queries expressing their concerns. One user made an inquiry about how much content can Bing process from a webpage. Mikhail then responded indicating that this was the context length increase he keeps on reiterating.

Mikhail further indicated that the limit could be raised again in the future. We invite you to check out our separate post highlighting Bing Chat’s trajectory one month after its launch.

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