Microsoft publishes how-to video on upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile

Mark Coppock

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You’re likely aware by now that Microsoft finally starting pushing the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to Windows Phone 8.1 devices today. Not all devices are getting the update, of course, and there’s the choice between grabbing the “production” build and becoming or remaining a Windows Insider and getting the update through that path. You’ll even want to check out what you’ll lose by making the upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1.

In any event, Microsoft clearly understands that the upgrade process can be a confusing one, and so they’ve taken the time to publish a short video with some tips and tricks on upgrading to Windows 10 Mobile:

Check out the video before you upgrade, it has a couple of interesting tips that are well worth considering. You’ll be using the UpdateAdvisor app right no to upgrade in any event, and the video provides some hints as to what you might need to do prior to upgrading.

We’re excited that Windows 10 Mobile is now becoming more official, and we’ll be keeping you updated as we learn more. In the meantime, let us know in the comments about any tips or tricks you would recommend in upgrading to Microsoft’s newest OS.

Thanks to WinBeta reader Nicholas for the tip!

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