Microsoft publishes Power User Guide to Windows 8.1, talks about new features and tips

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Windows 8.1 has been around for some time, and while it has started to expand, majority of people are still using the 4-year old Windows 7, or worse, the 13 year old Windows XP. Microsoft wants you to switch to Windows 8.1, and it has just published a how-to guide to make the transition easier.

Unless you are using Windows platform for the first time, the odds of you stumbling upon something entirely new is very steep. But Windows OS couples such a vast range of features that one could definitely use some guidance every now and then.

In a 20-page long PDF file, Redmond giant talks about many of the brawny features that its latest operating system brings to the table. Although the guide doesn’t provide in-depth information on anything, it does manage to touch several of the topics.

The guide has you covered on the topics like making more use of File Explorer and Task Manager, and explaining Mobility Center options. Inside the pages, you will also find appraisal of Internet Explorer 11 and the new enticing features it brings along with it. Within the file, there are instructions provided to help you understand syncing, and how you can store your files on the cloud using SkyDrive. If you think you know everything already, you might as well check the last pages where several keyboard shortcuts are being talked about. 

While it is hard to imagine many people moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 just yet, and also the fact that HP is pushing for more Windows 7 PC sales, a lot of people will have to find a new home when Microsoft removes the proverbial roof off Windows XP. This guide can certainly help out those folks. 

You can grab the PDF file from the download link below. 

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