Microsoft provides tips to make the classroom more productive and interactive

by Email Twitter: fahdriyami Nov 4th, 2014 in News

Microsoft provides tips to educators on how technology can make the classroom more productive and interactive

Microsoft’s push in education continues, as the software and hardware giant helps transform an industry that is in dire need on a global scale. Microsoft aims to reach educators around the world with a series of ‘Quick Tip’ videos that cover a range of topics that teachers would face daily on the job.

The 2-minute clips are designed to enlighten educators on how technology can help them better collaborate with their students, as well as with fellow educations. The videos also cover designing lessons with software and hardware solutions, teaching those lessons in ways that is interactive and engaging, and saving time while at it. The ultimate goal is to have students leaving empowered to do more.

“These Quick Tip Videos are short, consumable clips that empower teachers to accomplish a task with free Microsoft tools and technology… [they] present product capabilities to teachers, organized and aligned around classroom goals.” – Microsoft Education Team

Check out the playlist video above, which contains all 46 videos in the series; they cover everything from taking notes by hand and converting it to digital text to using OneNote to create rich content with text, image and audio. Microsoft also covers uploading and sharing lessons using their Office Mix software and much more.

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