Microsoft provides technical overview on the creation of the Bing apps for Windows 8


Bing Weather

For all you app developers out there, Microsoft has provided a new technical overview blog post about the creation of the popular Bing apps for Windows 8. Microsoft built the News, Weather, Finance, Sports, Travel and Maps apps to make Windows 8 “more compelling” and to serve as a model for app developers to follow.

Microsoft is providing insight and some resources for app developers so they can build their apps and use Bing apps as a model. Microsoft even mentions in the blog post that the company “learned a lot” including things they would do differently next time. Microsoft has written this in-depth overview to highlight the architecture of the Bing apps.

“For Windows 8, the Bing team built News, Weather, Finance, Sports, Travel and Maps apps. This technical overview provides insight on the architecture of these apps, key Windows 8 features and the contracts they use, common controls they employ, and world readiness more generally,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. For those interesting in reading exactly what features each of the Bing apps contain, hit the source link for the in-depth look at your favorite Bing apps.