Microsoft provides some tips on how to collaborate remotely

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s US Small and Midsize Business Blog shared a blog post originally written by Small Business Connection, a collaboration between partners to provide tips and advice for small business owners.

The blog post highlighted five tips for improving team collaboration across long distances- all conveniently using Microsoft products and services.

Business owners might consider some of the bullet points to be common sense at this stage given the expansion of technology. But for those just starting out, it might be a useful reminder of what services can connect your team even over considerable hurdles.

  1. Maintain one version of truth by using SharePoint to keep important documents up to date. It will also help manage who has the ability to edit these documents.
  2. Schedule effectively with the Outlook Calendar by setting schedules and meeting times without the tedious task of contacting each individual.
  3. Hold effective online meetings by presenting and collaborating through Skype for Business where you can share files and discussions.
  4. Increase accessibility by knowing when a team member is online with Lync Online or using Skype for Business to only call when they are available.
  5. Ensure 360-degree project management and its complexity with larger projects by utilizing Microsoft Project or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can handle the smaller ones.

There’s plenty more that could have been talked about when it comes to what services are most useful for team collaboration, but those are the five that the blog post decided to cover. Considering some companies still use the more traditional standards of phone calls and meeting face to face, maybe it’ll help some see the potential of upgrading to a more efficient means of teamwork.

Other advice for business owners can be garnered from the Small Business Connection website where they post blogs about insurance, legal matters, finances, technological aids, marketing maneuvers, and more.