Microsoft provides additional details on the SharePoint app for iOS

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Good news for business owners who are into both the Microsoft ecosystem and Apple's tablets: the company's SharePoint app is finally available for iOS, and a new post has just been published on the Office blog to go into the details of this new release.

The new SharePoint mobile app will have all the core functions that make SharePoint an essential tool for work environment  management and collaboration, including quick access to team sites, organizational portals, and more. Microsoft Graph - the unified API endpoint for accessing data, intelligence, and insights from the company's cloud - will also be part of the mobile SharePoint app, connecting it with Office 365 and giving you insights on documents and collaborators.

The user interface have been tailored for Apple's operating system according to the iOS guidelines with navigational buttons at the bottom, while still retaining some trademark Microsoft designs, like the slide-in menu from the left despite no hamburger button, as well as the Office color palette and an abundance of whiteness. Besides the Settings button whose function should be obvious, there are four other main buttons in the SharePoint mobile apps: Sites, Links, People, and Search.

sharepoint sites sharepoint site sharepoint search sharepoint people

Sites will take you to your list of frequent and followed SharePoint sites, complete with sharing functionalities; documents on these sites will be opened in other Office mobile apps. Pressing Links will instead open company-wide sites and portals, which will be shown completely optimized for mobile view provided responsive designs have been implement. People will show you the list of collaborators, contact information, and their documents-in-use. Finally, the search function will cover sites, files, and people throughout the organization, including company portals and OneDrive for Business folders.

Overall, the app looks like a solid addition to Microsoft's mobile productivity suite, and once again shows the company's commitment to being available wherever their customers are, even on competing platforms. While iOS is Microsoft's first choice, most likely due to the OS's popularity in the mobile enterprise space, an Android and Windows Universal version is reportedly in development and will be available later this year. The Office team also promises new features coming to the mobile SharePoint app like cross-company news and announcement support, so be sure to stay tuned to get updated in the future.

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