Microsoft promises continued updates and improvements for both Surface RT and Surface Pro


Since the launch of the Surface RT back in October of 2012 and the launch of the Surface Pro in February of 2013, Microsoft has been releasing monthly firmware updates as well as app updates to offer a better customer experience. Now, in a new blog post, Microsoft promises continued support.

It is obvious that these two flagship mobile devices from Microsoft (Surface Pro and Surface RT) would receive continued support, but Microsoft wanted to remind everyone how much effort they have placed in making the customer experience top-notch.

“When we started working on Surface we put the customer experience at the heart of all that we did. That is still true today and as such, over the coming months, you’ll continue to see updates and improvements made available to both Surface RT and Surface Pro customers,” Microsoft’s Panos Panay stated in an official blog post.

“This includes further updates to the wireless system to reduce the instances where Limited Connectivity is reported as well as an update to the Surface Pen driver to enable pressure functionality in Adobe Photoshop with Surface Pro,” Panay added.

We have reported on several Surface related issues, such as the WiFi limited connectivity bug, the overheating issue, as well as issues with the pen, but it seems that Microsoft is already on it and is working on a fix for every issue. On top of that, we’ve seen updates to several core apps, such as Music, Video, Mail, etc, in Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Microsoft does not have any specific details on upcoming updates, but if they do, we will keep you posted!

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