Microsoft Project Online web app (PWA) receives updates and improvements -
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Microsoft Project Online web app (PWA) receives updates and improvements

Microsoft Project web app recieves updates and improvements

Microsoft Project Online has received new updates to improve usability. Most of these changes are improving and tweaking the experience for Project Online. Menus were refined to reduce the number of steps to accomplish a task and many features received performance enhancements. Administrators now have more power with these new updates. The ability to limit site creation and task syncing is now possible. Microsoft has also increased the number of instances the web app can run from 2,000 to 5,000 and increased the number of instances per tenant to seven.

Microsoft Project is a tool for project management. This program has a desktop and web app version which enables access to projects from anywhere. Microsoft Project is a timeline based task management program where very detailed project structures can be modeled. Team members can be assigned tasks and can track the overall project status. Microsoft has created this tool to help companies stay on top of highly detailed and complex projects.

The Microsoft Project Web App (PWA) has received an update. This update improves the overall experience of PWA by improving performance and reducing unnecessary steps. PWA has been improved to handle more projects and more instances per tenant. Managers of projects now have the option to disable new enterprise site creation by their team members. In addition to normal performance gains, users can now turn of Task List Sync which speeds the publishing time.

These improvements are small steps toward a future where web apps are fully featured and highly responsive. Microsoft is fully embracing the cloud by improving their Office cloud suite. This also makes Office 365 a more enticing deal for IT administrators. Microsoft will not be left behind when it comes to the future of enterprise, but they are also keeping one foot firmly in desktop programs. The future is a dual solution, where some situations call for a cloud solution and some for the dependable desktop.

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