Microsoft program manager pays video tribute to Seattle as he leaves the company

Sometimes saying goodbye is not easy, especially after you spent a long time at a famous company such as Microsoft. Well, one program manager who is leaving Microsoft on a new journey to work for Jabra GN Audio has done a video tribute to the city of Seattle as part of his final goodbyes to the Redmond giant. (via GeekWire)

Jens Eggert, who worked at Microsoft and at Nokia before that, compiled a video which is all about all about his longtime home city of Seattle. The video is not only produced by Eeggert, but also features a rock/grunge song titled "Seattle," which Eggert wrote and performed on his own. Of course, scenic snapshots from various locations across the Seattle area, and from various Microsoft events are seen throughout the video. A website which is dedicated to his departure from Microsoft, and his new chapter in life, tells the story of the video.

So I sat down and wrote a song about Seattle, the city I love.... Many of the things I grew up with and loved came from Seattle (but didn’t know it back then), such as; the whole “grunge rock” scene (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains etc.), PC computers, Twin Peaks (also “re-released” now) and more. So I thought, if there’s a time to release anything it’s now. This might be an epic fail, but then it’s a true honest one. I took some of the pictures I’ve captured over the years around the Seattle area and made a “music video/collage...”

The video was made entirely on Windows Movie Maker, and all the photos were captured from Nokia and Microsoft smart phones. Eggert will be leaving Microsoft to work at Jabra GN Audio as senior software product manager. We wish him well on his new chapter in life, and thank him for his service at Microsoft!

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