Microsoft predicts 100,000 Windows 8 Store apps within first 90 days of launch

Keith Lorizio, vice president of US Sales and Marketing at Microsoft has today made a bold claim stating that within the first 90 days of Windows 8 being available, the Windows Store will see itself pass 100,000 apps, which is an astonishing number compared to the 3600 currently.

He continues, saying that by July 2013, there will be over 400 million active Windows 8 users in the world, which means they are expecting Windows 8 to grow as super fast times.

We’re unsure whether Microsoft have a time machine, but according to this claim, Microsoft do have super high hopes for Windows 8. We expect developers to really start developing Windows 8 apps within the next few weeks, as the next few weeks will be the deciding factor on whether Windows 8 is a hit or not.

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