Microsoft powers Real Madrid Foundation to spread passion for soccer

Microsoft's track record of supporting non-profit organizations in greater causes for humanity is the topic of a post on the Official Microsoft blog, as they talk about spreading the passion for soccer, and sports in general, to millions worldwide through collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation.
Being the expressive face of Real Madrid's social and cultural awareness, the Foundation aims to promote the value of sport in individual development and social integration for the suffered. Microsoft empowers this cause through donating software to Foundation employees, volunteers and eligible local partners worldwide, helping them to be more efficient and productive in their work and also in communication, as in the case of a knowledge-sharing community based on Microsoft's Yammer app. A reported 40,000 children in several countries have participated in the project.
The post also mentioned another positive effect to Microsoft's donation in the form of increased exposure to technology and IT skills, which, coupling with leadership learned through sport, will all be great preparations for the productive world.

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