Microsoft PowerPoint gets a Modern comments experience for enterprise users

Rabia Noureen

PowerPoint Live

Microsoft is launching a new comments experience that should make collaboration easier for PowerPoint users. Modern comments were first introduced in Microsoft Word, and the feature is now coming to PowerPoint for enterprise users in June 2021.

As noted on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the new experience improves collaboration by adding several new capabilities to the existing commenting experience in PowerPoint. Following the update, enterprise users will be able to @mention someone in a comment, anchor comments to text and objects, resolve comments, and more.

The new commenting experience will help organizations to improve collaboration significantly, and that it’s going to evolve over time based on user feedback. This capability is currently hidden behind an admin setting which is off by default, and the upcoming update will turn on modern comments for the entire organization.

The modern comments experience will be supported on all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the web. However, this feature will only be available in PowerPoint for business and enterprise customers, and it’s not coming to Microsoft 365 Family and Personal subscribers.