Microsoft Power BI app updates on iOS and Android with new custom app navigation feature

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Power BI app icon.

Microsoft’s official Power BI app updated to Version 19.1 on iOS and Version 2.2.190922.112798 on Android devices today.

This latest app update adds support for custom navigation in apps when they’re opened up within the Microsoft Power BI app on the user’s smartphone or tablet.

Here’s the official release notes:

Support for custom app navigation.

Now, when you open an app in Power BI Mobile, the custom navigation experience built by the app creator will be available. Apps can be organized by content, and can include new items such as links and sections.

While some may appreciate the addition of this new functionality with this update, it pales in comparison to the previous update which radically revamped the entire Power BI app UI. You can read all about that update here.

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