Microsoft Power BI app updates on Android and iOS with new multi-select functionality

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Power BI app icon.

The iOS and Android versions of the Microsoft Power BI app each received an update this week that added new functionality for selecting multiple data points on a report page.

Here’s the identical release note information for the Android and iOS app update:

We’ve added the capability to multi-select multiple data points in a report page. When multi-select is turned on, each data point you tap is added to the other selected data points, with the combined results automatically highlighted in all the visuals in the page. To turn on multi-select mode, go to the app settings page.

In addition to the new multi-select feature being added, the iOS version of Microsoft Power BI also got a new option for docking the report footer.

Here’s the release note info for this iOS-only change:

You can now decide to dock the report footer at the bottom of the report page. To do this, turn on the toggle “Docked report footer” in app settings page.

Microsoft Power BI is an advanced tool for business users looking for a way to view company-related data on a mobile device.
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