Microsoft Power BI app updates on Android and iOS devices with some minor changes

Microsoft’s Power BI app updated for both iOS and Android devices today with some minor changes designed to add some extra functionality to the iOS version and improve stability on the Android one.

Here’s the release notes for the iOS app update which brings Microsoft Power BI up to Version 22.3:

Users with a Power BI free license can now view and access workspaces for which they've been added as viewers, directly from the workspaces list. Note that this change is applicable for content that's hosted on a Power BI Premium capacity.

And here’s the notes for the Android app update which brings the app up to Version 2.2.210106.2125193:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved stability and fixed various bugs.

Microsoft Power BI is a tool designed to manage and interpret a wide range of data, mostly for industry needs.

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‎Microsoft Power BI
‎Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI
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