Microsoft offers Surface RT Recovery Image for those with Windows 8.1 update problems

Surface RT Recovery Image

Over the weekend, Microsoft decided to temporarily pull Windows RT 8.1 from the Windows Store after a number of users experienced issues with the upgrade. Although this download remains unavailable, a recovery image has been released that can be used to fix problems that may have arisen from a failed upgrade.

Weighing in at 3.7GB, the Surface RT Recovery Image can be used to create a recovery USB drive and there is an instructional PDF available for download to guide you through the process. The recovery disk needs to be created on another computer running Windows 7 or later. Sadly, the image is just Windows 8.0 recovery tool and can only be used to restore a Surface RT to its original state – there’s no word yet on when the 8.1 update will be made available again.

Microsoft acknowledged that there was an issue with the Windows RT 8.1 update, citing a “situation” as the culprit. Microsoft also offered a statement regarding the problem:

“Based on our investigations of a situation customers have encountered updating to Windows RT 8.1, we can confirm that as of now this is a Windows update issue only affecting Surface RT customers. While only less than 1 out of every 1,000 ( or less than 0.1%) Surface RT customers who have installed Windows RT 8.1 have been impacted, improving their experience and ensuring their systems are fully operable as quickly as possible is our number one priority,” Microsoft stated in a statement to ZDNet.

“We have made recovery media available for download along with actionable guidance for affected customers. We continue to work towards making the Windows RT 8.1 update available in the Windows Store again and apologize for any inconvenience. Further updates will be provided as they become available,” Microsoft adds.

Surface RT Recovery Image can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

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