Microsoft: Port your Android apps to Windows Phone

Microsoft unveiled a new tool designed to help Android developers port their applications over to the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft released a new API tool and various other documentation to assist Android developers to jump ship.

It’s not surprising that Microsoft wants to crush Android. Microsoft released the Android to Windows Phone API mapping tool, which is designed to serve as a translation guide for developers. It compares different program events, classes, and methods in Android to those in Windows Phone. This tool allows a developer to recognize and compare Android and Windows Phone API calls. The mapping tool also offers a feedback page where developers can talk about their ideas and ask questions.

This is Microsoft’s attempt to woo Android developers into creating apps for Windows Phone. Microsoft cautions that there is no “magic wand” to make the conversion happen automatically. It is no surprise to everyone that Microsoft is doing this. Not that long ago, Microsoft introduced a tool to help developers migrate from iOS to Windows Phone.

Microsoft also introduced an “App Guy” that monitors various developer forums looking for questions and discussions that are specifically related to the Android/Windows Phone app migration. The App Guy will then include a summary of what it finds on its page.

Download the 90-page white paper: Windows Phone 7 Guide for Android Application Developers
Check out the Mapping Tool:

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