Microsoft planning to launch Internet Explorer on Xbox with integrated Kinect controls?

new reports are suggesting that Microsoft is planning to finally launch an Internet Browser on the Xbox 360 with the help of the Internet Explorer team. Not only that, but it is expected to launch with full integrated Kinect gestures!

Microsoft planning to launch internet explorer on xbox with integrated kinect controls? - onmsft. Com - may 10, 2012

A stock internet browser on the Xbox has been a much wanted feature from fans ever since the 360 launched back in 2005. Since other rivalling consoles already include a stock web browser, it only seems reasonable for Microsoft to do the same, especially since the have a team dedicated to an Internet Browser.

The browser that is expected to launch would be that of Internet Explorer, surprisingly. A modified version of Internet Explorer 9 is currently being tested, according the the report.

With E3 just around the corner, we can only expect more about this Xbox browser soon, but remember, this is a rumour and has not been confirmed. Take it with a grain of salt.

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