Microsoft Planner now lets you create multiple plans per Office 365 group

Microsoft has just announced a new “Multiplan” feature for Planner, its Trello competitor for Office 365 customers. With Multiplan, it’s finally possible to create multiple Plans inside the same Office 365 Group (previously, creating a new plan created a new Office 365 Group).

To get started, you’ll just have to create a new Plan from Planner and then click the “Add to an existing Office 365 group” button, right below the field for the Plan name. You can see how it works in the video below:

The “Multiplan” name for the feature may well be some sort of an inside joke, as "Multiplan" was the name of a pre-Excel spreadsheet that Microsoft developed in the eighties. Anyway, creating multiple plans per group was one of the top requested features from Planner users, and it should definitely help preventing the multiplication of Planner-related Office 365 groups.

There are many more new features in the pipeline for Planner, including Plan Templates, integrations with Outlook Tasks/Microsoft To-Do, and much more. You can learn more about upcoming new features and share your feedback with the team on the dedicated Uservoice website.

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