Microsoft Planner gets push notifications support on iOS and Android

Microsoft’s Planner app for iOS and Android has been updated this week with push notifications support. Once you update to the latest version, you can choose to receive notifications when members of your team assign a task to you.

For now, notifications are not really configurable: you can’t choose to only get notifications for select plans, and you can’t opt to receive notifications for all new tasks either. Still, being informed in real time when new tasks have been assigned is a good start, especially since the Planner web app doesn’t support notifications at all.

Microsoft’s new task management tool for teams became generally available last year with Office 365, and it’s slowly becoming a solid Trello competitor. Do you use the Planner mobile apps, and if so what are the other features you would like Microsoft to add? Let us know below.

Microsoft Planner
Microsoft Planner
Price: Free
‎Microsoft Planner
‎Microsoft Planner

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