Microsoft Planner and Tasks in Teams add more visual cues to check on progress

Rabia Noureen

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Microsoft To Do Planner Teams

Microsoft has announced some important updates to improve the planning experience in the Tasks app in Teams and Planner on the web. The company says that these features provide a way for users to “celebrate completed tasks and stay motivated” and help users keep track of their tasks.

First up, the Tasks experience in Teams has picked up a new confetti animation feature for completed tasks and checklists. Microsoft says that the animation is a stylistic update only, and it is triggered when a user clicks the “Completed” circle in a task. The feature is available in the Planner web app since May 2020.

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Furthermore, the company also has added a progress bar to both the Planner web app and the Tasks app in Teams. With this change, users will now see the new progress bar at the top of the checklist element in task cards, in addition to the traditional numeric representation. It should help users that should make it easier for users to keep track of their checklist items.

Unlike other updates, these changes aren’t rolling out gradually and should be available for everyone right away. In case you missed it, Planner on the web now allows users to add custom image backgrounds to each plan.