Microsoft picks up Mobile Data Labs to make mobile workers more intelligently productive

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Microsoft continues to make new acquisitions, this time fleshing out the intelligence behind its mobile productivity solutions. The company announced today that its picking up Mobile Data Labs, best known for its MileIQ app.
MileIQ utilizes today's advanced sensors built into the ubiquitous mobile devices to capture, log, and calculate the miles business users write off on their taxes as a business expense. The app grabs the data automatically and in specific contexts, reducing the amount of time and energy needed to capture this information and report it come tax time. MileIQ is used by the heaviest business travelers, 1 million strong, who are able to deduct an average of $547 monthly via the app.
Like Sunrise, MileIQ is another iOS App Store leader that Microsoft has scooped up, and they also publish their app for Android users. We're sure that we'll be seeing a Universal Windows 10 app coming at some point in the future, and the technology is sure to make its way into Microsoft's bench of machine intelligence solutions.

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