Fhotoroom updated with new filters, UI change and improvements


If you’re a regular user of the Fhotoroom application on your Windows Phone handset, it is time to open the Windows Store on your device and check for the updates that are waiting for you. Fhotoroom introduces several new filters, along with a major UI change to the editor and camera.

The popular photo-editing application that goes by the name of Fhotoroom also received an update, bumping it to version 10. The latest update brings several new features on board, including a whole bunch of new filters, like Vibe, Faint, Musk, Portrait, HueSplash, Double Exposure, Round White and Black Frames, that can be added to the images. Additionally, it brings a major UI change for the editor and the camera, as well as the ability to pin the Fhotoroom editor to the start screen. Here’s a complete change log for Fhotoroom v10:

  • Filter previews are now 50% faster.
  • Major UI/UX changes in editor and camera.
  • New Pin Editor to Start screen.
  • Fixed Point EV and Tap to Focus bug.
  • Updated Filters (LowDef, Ansel, Tones, Exposure, Correction, Sharpen, Levels)
  • New Filters (Vibe, Faint, Musk, Portrait, HueSplash, Double Exposure, Round White and Black Frames)
  • Ability to zoom in even during editing.
  • Dozens of other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Simply head over to the Windows Phone Store to snag the updated Fhotoroom application.

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