Microsoft partners with thyssenkrupp, 24,000 technicians to use HoloLens

Global elevator company thyssenkrup Elevator has partnered with Microsoft to provide HoloLens headsets to over over 24,000 elevator service engineers. In a blog post published on the Windows devices blog,  Scott Erickson, General Manager, Microsoft HoloLens explains that the mixed-reality headset will allow the companny's technicians to "do their jobs safer and more efficiently by triaging service requests ahead of the visit and getting hands-free remote guidance when on site."

Erickson also emphasized that the Skype HoloLens app which will be used to place remote calls and share holographic instructions between users will play a huge role to improve productivity. "In initial trials, use of HoloLens has reduced the average length of thyssenkrupp’s service calls by 4X," he explained. Additionally, technicians will also receive instant diagnostics from MAX, thyssenkrup's cloud platform that leverages Microsoft's Azure IOT to connect its elevator's sensors and systems to the cloud.

"thyssenkrupp is the latest example of how a business can be transformed through mixed reality and we continue to be amazed at the continual innovation and creativity that we’ve seen from our partners," added Erickson. Let us know what do you think of this Hololens use case in the comments below.

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