Microsoft partners with Post-It from 3M with a new Teams app

Kevin Okemwa


Post-It from 3M and Microsoft have partnered up and launched a new application, Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams that will help enhance teamwork at the workplace. The application aims to promote a sense of inclusion, this way everyone in the team will be able to voice out their ideas as well as concerns throughout the project they are collaborating on till the end.

While most organizations are quickly picking up the slack and adjusting to hybrid work, there are still some areas that could perform better than they are actually currently. The global vice president of Post-it® Brand and Scotch™ Brand at 3M, Heather Green indicated that:

During a time when the ability to collaborate in hybrid environments is critical, the partnership between the Post-it® App and Microsoft Teams creates a seamless way for millions of users to put their ideas into action and accelerate the momentum of any project. No matter where your team is located, or even their level of technological savvy, the simplicity, and flexibility of the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams helps build an experience that is inclusive for all.

With the Post-it® App for Microsoft Teams, users will now be able to come up with designs and ideas as well as capture and share them using the digital whiteboard tool. This way the process is more inclusive as everyone can be part of it, ultimately creating a live-like experience despite the fact that it is still hybrid work.

“The new Post-it® App for Teams is a great example of a collaborative app that can take digital teamwork to the next level. It enables richer brainstorming, with the ability for everyone to contribute, making hybrid work more inclusive and fun,” highlighted Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams’ Vice President.

It provides users with a lot of flexibility as they can use it while on the go, even on their phones. Users will be able to capture handwritten notes and then include them in a shared meeting board within a Teams discussion.

What’s more, when the users begin to get perspective on an idea, then the team can now leverage the use of features like Zen Mode which will mute others for focus. On top of that, you can also make use of the Vote feature to make important decisions that affect the project, thus ensuring that everyone’s concerns are heard and factored in. You can also assign important notes to team members using Microsoft Planner.

The app is already available on Microsoft AppSource. It is also worth noting that it comes with a free 30-day trial. Admins may also be required to enable access in the Microsoft AppSource so that users can get to it.

Via: PR Newswire

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