Microsoft partners with Vyclone, brings forth touch video editing to the internet using HTML5

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IE10 Vyclone

Microsoft has announced a partnership with social video editing start-up Vyclone which allows users to co-create, sync, and edit videos using a HTML5 based web editor and a modern internet browser, such as Internet Explorer 10.

“With the new Vyclone web editor released today, users can now edit and share crowd sourced video to the web using just a browser and HTML5. Best part about it? It’s built for touch, allowing users to explore social video editing as naturally as they would on mobile phone, but with a modern browser like Internet Explorer 10,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. The idea is simple. A video is uploaded to the cloud and users with access can remix their content using all the footage uploaded. This results in complete artistic control of the content and allows users to create mash up scenes and ultimately a unique video. Utilizing a touch experience on Internet Explorer 10, the user experience is better, at least according to Microsoft, so check it out. You can check out Vyclone here.

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