Microsoft partners with in China to sell Surface, Office, Windows Phone, and more


Back in October of 2012, Microsoft opened up an online Microsoft Store in China. Fast forward to today (March 19th), Microsoft has announced a partnership with in China to launch yet another online store to promote the company's Surface tablet line, Office productivity suite, Windows Phone platform, and more.

"We are excited to be working with for the official launch of Microsoft’s Flagship Store. Microsoft sees great potential in China’s e-commerce market, to offer customers across the country choice, value and service through our online store. Through our joint efforts with, customers have a trusted and secured shopping experience of Microsoft and other complementary products such as Surface, Office, Windows PCs, Windows Phones, and accessories," said Kevin Eagan, VP, E-commerce of Microsoft Retail Stores. President Daniel Zhang is equally excited to partner with Microsoft. "Chinese consumers’ appetite for brand-name, quality products is surging and they are increasingly making purchase decisions based on experience, value, and service quality; as such, we firmly believe that this collaboration between Microsoft and can serve to offer brand partners such as Microsoft the ability to fully integrate marketing and sales strategies and connect even more directly and effectively with consumers," said Daniel Zhang, president of Zhang believes that Microsoft and share the same vision in providing consumers with the best possible selection of products and services. Zhang hopes to create a deeper cooperation with Microsoft in the future., thusfar, as been a popular destination for Chinese consumers, so it makes sense for Microsoft to capitalize on this trend.

Over 50 of Microsoft's products will be available in the new store, including Microsoft Surface and accessories, Up and Running Service for Surface, Office, Windows Phone devices, various other hardware and accessories, and Signature PCs (coming soon). Check out the Microsoft Tmall store at

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