Microsoft, partners talk robots, smartwatch, HoloLens at Hanover Messe

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Microsoft is at the Hannover Messe 2017 in Germany this week, where the company wants to showcase how Microsoft technologies help its partners improve their manufacturing processes. We're right in the middle of a new industrial revolution, where new technologies such as IoT, connected robots and mixed reality allow industrial companies to make significant productivity gains. And as Microsoft explained in a blog post today, the company wants Windows 10, Azure and HoloLens to "power the industry 4.0 revolution in manufacturing."

Among the various Microsoft partners that made the trip to Hannover Messe is Taqtile, the developer of a Field Inspection app for Microsoft's HoloLens mixed reality headset. As Microsoft explained, this app can "deliver integrated 3D modeling, predictive maintenance, and inspection for the manufacturing, utilities, transportation and oil and gas industries."

Microsoft, partners talk robots, smartwatch, hololens at hanover messe - onmsft. Com - april 24, 2017
Taqtile's field inspection app.

Another interesting product to check at the industrial fair is an IoT wearable from German company Trekstor. The 1.54-inch smartwatch-like device is powered by Windows 10 IoT Core, runs UWP apps and is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. Microsoft says that it will be able to replace larger hand-held devices in the following business scenarios:

  • Inventory management in retail
  • Building automation for guest services in hospitality
  • Industrial automation in manufacturing
  • Patient care in healthcare
  • And several cross-industry scenarios like asset management, fleet management, and others.

Microsoft, partners talk robots, smartwatch, hololens at hanover messe - onmsft. Com - april 24, 2017

Lastly, Microsoft and its partners want to build the industrial robots of tomorrow: the company has partnered with Sarcos Robotics, a company that creates dexterious industrial robots that can help to make work safer. "Sarcos is collaborating with Microsoft to provide customers a Robot-as-a-Service offering, using Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure IoT Suite, and leverages Windows 10 for the tablet controller, to create a unique opportunity to fundamentally transform the safety and efficiency of many industrial tasks around the world," explained the company.

In the image below, you can see what it is to operate one of Sarcos Guardian robots from a Windows 10 tablet:

Microsoft, partners talk robots, smartwatch, hololens at hanover messe - onmsft. Com - april 24, 2017

The Hannover Messe will last through Friday, April 28 and you can learn more about all these partner solutions at the Microsoft booth. We invite you to check the Microsoft Blog to learn more about what Microsoft is doing to encourage this latest industrial revolution.

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