Microsoft partners with Lenovo and Tencent to provide Windows XP support in China

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Microsoft partners with lenovo and tencent to provide windows xp support in china

Microsoft will continue to offer tech support for Windows XP users in China. The software giant has partnered with Lenovo Group Ltd and Tencent Holding Ltd to provide security services to the 13-year old, and now retired, operating system.

After 13 years of service, Windows XP finally reached its end of support earlier this week. The operating system is used by over 27 percent of users across the globe. In China, around 200 million, or 70 percent, still use Windows XP, according to data from Zhongguancun Online.

One reason people are not upgrading is the expense. While $140 for Windows 8 doesn't seem huge, for some, such as students, it may be out of reach. Plus, there may be added expense if the existing hardware can't handle the new operating system.

Microsoft has shook hands with Lenovo Group Ltd and Tencent Holding Ltd to continue providing support to XP users. "For domestic users who continue to use Windows XP before upgrading to a new operating system, we have made it a priority to provide safety protections," Microsoft told Reuters. The support will include services such as information protection, post-virus repairs and upgrades to the newer Windows 7 or 8.

Similarly, Tencent has promised that it will keep two 24-hour hotlines running to help out Windows XP users. Besides these giants, another firm, Qihoo, also promised that it will support Windows XP users. "Qihoo 360 will continue to provide Windows XP support to Chinese users as long as there are still XP users in China," Alex Xu, Qihoo 360 co-chief financial officer, told Reuters.

Editors note: Story has been edited to reflect that security services, not security updates, will be provided in China. Thanks to our reader Abster for pointing this out!

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